Saturday, February 7, 2009

Automotive Photography: Boxer Engine Detail

Recently got two of my Automotive photos accepted in a Juried Photo Show.
A detail of a Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer Engine (above) and a detail of a Ferrari F1 race car. As painting is my first love, i have also been an aficianado of Auto Photography for some time, as my painting is in large part based on the photos i take.
This is my first foray into submitting such work, and my goal was to have one piece get through the qualifying process. That goal surpassed, i did not hold my breath on winning prizes, and alas that was the case. But i was up against people that a. do this for a living and b. have much more technology at their disposal, so i was pleased with what i did accomplish.
This experience has fueled the desire to continue futher down this road as well...

Should be fun...

F430 Reflections

One of more recent paintings:
F430 Reflections
Watercolour on paper

currently on display at the Framing Dames gallery
211 Morrish Rd Scarborough ON